Thermal laminating film is the ultimate way to finish printed materials for beautiful and long-lasting results.
With a wide range of applications, thermal lamination is suitable for all areas of industry – graphic arts, packaging, display materials and publishing.
Unlike liquid coatings, thermal lamination provides maximum protection against scratching and smudging and strengthens paper stocks while enhancing prints, producing the sharpest and clearest images.


• Extends the life of printed materials
• Printed materials can be reused thousands of times
• Increases the color life of printed materials
• Deepens & brightens ink colors
• Enhances contrast
• Increases the bulk & stiffness of printed materials
• Preserves color, texture and form
• Enhances image & presentation
• Protects from creasing, tearing, smudging & staining
• With an encapsulated edge seal, laminated papers become waterproof.

The following finishes are available

Reflective finish suitable for photographic images. Gloss brings out exceptional qualities to what may be a rather ordinary image. Graphic designers choose this to bring a third dimension to their prints. Photographers love the finish for retaining the photographic integrity of photographic media.

Non-reflective matt finish. Suitable for conditions where small text conditions are important, easy to read: eg architect drawings, medical posters and trade show images where spotlights will flare up poster surfaces.

Normal thickness is 80 microns, but for maps that have to be folded we have a gloss 30 micron thickness.
We also can laminate with a thicker cold laminate, good for posters with pasted photos but only one sided.

Current prices inc gst

A0 $25.00
A1 $14.00
A2 $ 8.00
A3 $ 5.00
A4 $ 3.00


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