Photo Reproductions

We can produce photo reproductions to any size at a resolution of 2,880 x 1,440 dp, so smooth that you would swear that it was produced photographically.

Using Gloss or Satin lustre papers, Semi Gloss or Satin finish resin coated products of medium weight (260gsm) your photos will jump into life.

For true archival quality there is available a new class of acid and lignen free semi gloss resin coated papers for the discerning photographer. The papers are more expensive than their non-archival equivalents and have stronger surfaces. Some, like Moab's fabulous Colorado mimic the classic air dried black and white papers.

syd hobart



Some examples of our work. (Any enquiries about any photos should be directed to the photographers concerned)



Richard Bennett on photo lustre paper


Don Stephens on photo lustre paper and canvas.


Doug Mackay on photo lustre paper.


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